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Innovations in the Lighting Sector: Injection of Microstructures for LED Luminaires

In the dynamic world of lighting technology, innovations play a key role in advancing efficiency and quality.

One such breakthrough innovation is the development of microstructures for LED luminaires.

These technologies not only improve the quality of light, but also optimize energy and material consumption.

With our know-how and technology in injection moulding parts for the optical sector, we support our customers in their manufacturing processes to achieve industrialization. Arburg a leader in the sector, provided us with the technology and technical support in the plastic injection process, which is fundamental for the success of this project.

So, at OSF Plastic, we not only learn about new materials, also continue to innovate in the development of new production processes.

What are Microstructures?

Microstructures are small, almost microscopic structures incorporated into the lenses of LED luminaires.

These structures significantly improve the refraction and projection of light, providing more efficient and directed illumination.

Innovative characteristics in the lens injection process

OSF Reportaje 2021

  • Microstructure size: The ridges in these lenses increase the precision in light dispersion, thus improving luminous efficiency.
  • Range of materials: working with high temperatures allows us to use new materials and thus offer products with high specifications.
  • Innovative injection process: This process ensures greater clarity and uniformity in the lenses, essential for consistent illumination.
  • Transparency and Cleanliness Properties: These features are crucial for maintaining the quality of light over time, reducing the need for maintenance.
  • Consumption Optimization: Efficiency in the use of raw materials and energy not only reduces costs, but also supports sustainable practices.
  • Refractive Properties: Ensures high quality light projection, crucial for applications where lighting precision is vital.
  • Process Optimization: Automation of part handling to avoid damage to the microstructure and ensure cleanliness.

Practical Applications: The Emergency Luminaire

These lenses find a crucial application in emergency luminaires, where quality and reliability of light are of paramount importance for safety.

Microstructures are breaking new ground in the LED lighting sector

With their ability to improve light quality, reduce energy consumption and adapt to a variety of applications, these innovations represent a breakthrough towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Contact us to learn more about these and other innovations in the lighting industry.

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