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Innovative design solutions for plastic products in any area of the industrial sector


We offer advice and collaboration in the design of plastic and silicone parts with the functionality, resistance and aesthetic requirements requested by our customers. With our experience and in collaboration with our raw material suppliers, we advise our customers to adapt the materials to the needs of the product, depending on the requirements of flexibility, resistance, hardness, insulation, conductivity...

During the process we propose the improvements and innovations that we consider appropriate, as well as the adaptations for the feasibility of manufacturing by means of the injection process.

We collaborate in R&D in the development of new products, contributing our experience.


Co-Design of parts, moulds and checking fixtures with CAD/CAM, CATIA software


Simulation of injection moulding, mould and stress kinematics


Manufacture under the most rigorous quality controls, in production and in the clean room according to sterilisation requirements.


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