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Diagnosis innovaRSE

This year, at OSFplastic, we have taken another step forward in our CSR management.

As many of you know, we have been doing small CSR actions, CSR or whatever you want to call it. Our approach, due to the size of our company and our style of doing things, is very much oriented towards doing things internally.

This year, through the innovaRSE programme of the Government of Navarra and with the help of Coval Consultores, channelled by Javier Aguirre, we decided to go a little further in terms of managing our CSR.

The opportunity was unique and we threw ourselves into carrying out the first phase, the diagnosis. This allows us to have a current picture of how we are doing, what we have done and what improvement path we have ahead, based on the three dimensions of CSR: economic, social and environmental.

We start the process with a good strategic reflection, with this CSR approach, redefining our mission, vision and values, analysing the stakeholders from which we derive and what impact our business activity generates on them, as well as their influence on our activity.

In the analysis of the economic dimension, the report highlights the company's good governance, transparency and its influence on strategic and operational management. It also speaks of the objective of seeking positive results, with investment in differentiation. It cites the good management of ongoing projects from the economic monitoring of the same and narrates how suppliers are pampered and sought in nearby locations, generally with a very good mutual harmony in the work and involvement in each project.

In this section, we were also struck by the comment "Excellent work team with a level of management not typical of an SME of its size; strategic part, communication, social action, etc...", part of what we consider to be the #AlmaOSF.

In the environmental dimension, it should be noted that there are undocumented criteria in this respect as a company "philosophy" that are being applied in different fields. As well as the fact that our activity, as we are developing it, has a low environmental impact and low energy consumption and waste generation.

Certain operating procedures are based on UNE - EN ISO 14001 guidelines and there is a culture of environmental management, with good practices in the management of waste, consumption, etc. Consumption is monitored and consumption is managed correctly.

With regard to the social dimension, the following aspects have been analysed: occupational safety, people, customers, society.

In occupational health, everything is correct at a preventive level, with a Prevention Plan, Risk Assessments and Planning.

Risk Assessments and the Planning of Preventive Activities are up to date. There are actions to improve and monitor them.

At a personal level, internal communication and training actions are carried out, with celebrations, events, regular meetings, training and awareness-raising, measures to reconcile work and personal life (summer timetables and shifts, flexible office hours, flexible holiday time, leave for family matters, etc.).

At the client level, there are signed codes of good professional practice, confidentiality, etc.

As far as society is concerned, OSFplastic prioritises actions aimed at improving local social environments, with different types of collaboration at a local level.