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CSR. Participation of OSFplastic in the Responsible Working Breakfast

Last week, we were fortunate to be able to participate, sharing our experience in CSR, in the first COVAL Responsables breakfast meeting.

It was organised -and very well organised- by COVAL Consultores, TÜVRheinland and Delta Consultores, with the presence of around thirty people from important organisations, all united by the common good, by the interest in a better world based on the Social Responsibility of each of our companies.

After the opening of the day by Javier Aguirre - founder and consultant of COVAL Consultores - we listened to an interesting presentation by Pablo Martín from Corresponsables, followed by the experience of three companies, Liebherr, Nafarco and our own. After which we had an intense debate. You can read the article published by Navarra Capital at

For our part, Ángel Ruiz, explained the actions that we promote, what we call "CSR in slippers", since what we do, we do it with soul, from the inside, with our slippers on to improve our small internal system of OSFplastic and with those same slippers we go out into the street, to contribute the best that we have to third parties with that same spirit.

To sum up, at OSFplastic we plan and do two types of CSR:


With our team, with concrete actions such as what Marta, our production manager, does, who brings lunch for everyone on Fridays, with equality in our HR policy - in fact, we are 80% women -, reconciling schedules when possible for family reasons or if someone has to change their schedule for other reasons, planning work shifts according to the holiday periods of staff and their families or outside temperatures, making small puzzles for our children to play with in the factory on open day, supporting team training - related to their job or personal concerns, providing staff with means and equipment (tools, cardboard boxes, van) and sharing successes and good times together.


More oriented towards third parties, thinking about making useful parts for others when we have to carry out tests or in our R&D&I projects, sharing know-how and facilities with third parties (other companies, technology centres, students, training centres, end-of-degree projects, etc.), giving third parties samples of our products and services, and sharing our know-how and facilities with them. ), giving third parties samples of our pieces so that they can play with them (like Lego Serious Play, simulating situations that improve their processes), participating in forums and events, oriented towards maintaining our style of leadership for the common good, seeking to do our bit to make this world a little better every day.