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The importance of having a CLEAN ROOM for the manufacturing process

The Clean Room is an enclosed space in which work is carried out with low levels of contamination. To ensure these conditions, the environmental parameters must be strictly controlled: airborne particles, temperature, humidity, air flow, internal air pressure, lighting.

Not all Clean Rooms are configured in the same way, it will depend on their intended use and the possible contaminants to be avoided. So it is important to define the specific needs of the Clean Room.

The sectors in which clean rooms are used are:

  • Food industry
  • Optical
  • Bio-pharmaceutical 
  • Veterinary 
  • Sanitary 
  • Electronics 
  • R&D&I - Laboratories, technology centers and universities

OSF has a clean room with ISO-7 certification distributed in 3 spaces, an open manufacturing area of 100m², in which we can perform the manufacturing processes of plastic and silicone parts (LSR) by injection, as well as the handling, assembly and packaging of parts.

For the access to the clean room, we have 2 passage areas called SAS (Sterile Access System). One for controlled access to the materials, components and molds necessary for manufacturing and another SAS for the entry of people. To avoid contamination of the clean room, there is a protocol defined in each SAS. 

At OSF we study each project individually in order to offer the best solution to our clients, adapting to their needs.