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Sustainable Energy and Efficiency: OSF's Commitment to the Future

In a world that is increasingly aware of the importance of caring for our planet, companies are assuming a key responsibility to contribute to sustainability and reduce their environmental impact.

OSF, has taken a significant step towards sustainable energy and efficiency. From the installation of solar panels for self-consumption to the implementation of various ecological measures, OSF is working on the path to a greener future.

Generating Clean Energy with Solar Panels

In 2022, OSF installed 252 high-efficiency solar panels, each with a capacity of 450 Wp, in a 2,000 m2 roof area at its facilities in Arazuri (Navarra). These panels, strategically oriented to the South and South West, generate an average of 76 MWh of clean and renewable energy annually. This initiative has not only reduced the company's dependence on conventional energy sources, but has also significantly decreased its carbon footprint, thus contributing to the fight against climate change. This more efficient alternative in energy terms reduces the demand for electricity.

This has been possible thanks to the support obtained from the Next Generation Fund and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan financed by the European Union. The installation, through Ríos Renovables company.

A Comprehensive Strategy for Sustainability

OSF's commitment to sustainability does not stop with the installation of solar panels. For years, OSF has been adopting a series of additional measures that promote energy efficiency and the responsible use of resources:

  • Internal Water Circuit Cooling: OSF has implemented an internal cooling system that uses a water circuit to recirculate the same water over and over again.
  • Capacitor Bank: The company has installed a capacitor bank that optimizes the use of electrical energy and reduces consumption peaks. This system improves the efficiency of the facilities by minimizing energy losses and improving the power factor.
  • Machine Insulation: OSF has invested in the thermal insulation of its machines and industrial equipment. This measure helps to conserve energy and reduce the amount of heat dissipated and noise, leading to lower energy consumption and a safer work environment.
  • Recycling Systems: The company has implemented recycling programs at its facilities, promoting the reuse and responsible recycling of materials. This contributes to reducing the amount of waste and decreases the demand for natural resources.


OSF's commitment to sustainable energy and energy efficiency, by investing in solar panels and adopting green measures, demonstrates that an environmentally responsible approach is possible without compromising business performance.

This is a testament to the power of collective action and how, together, we can make a significant difference in building a more sustainable and prosperous future for future generations. By choosing sustainability and efficiency, OSF becomes a key player in the transition to a greener world.