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Plastic and Liquid Silicone Injection Moulding: OSF joins Navarra Health Cluster to promote innovation in the Healthcare Industry

We are pleased to announce that OSF, a leader in plastic injection moulding and liquid silicone solutions, has recently joined Navarra Health Cluster

This sectoral cluster brings together companies and institutions that actively contribute to the development of the healthcare industry in Navarre.

This association represents an exciting step forward in our mission to contribute to the medical advancement and development of the medical industry in Navarra and beyond.

Driving Innovation in Healthcare

The Navarra Health Cluster is a key meeting point for companies and institutions committed to the advancement of healthcare. 

NHC is demonstrating a commitment to the development and continuous improvement of the healthcare industry in the region. 

Its focus on improving competitiveness, diversifying opportunities, collaborating on research, development and innovation projects, pursuing international markets and strengthening the regional context, underlines its determination to drive growth and innovation in this sector. 

Moreover, by actively fostering public-private collaboration and knowledge sharing among all, Navarra Health Cluster contributes to adding value both to its partners and to the environment and society in general.

By joining this network, OSF strengthens its position as an influential player in the field of medical and technological innovation.

OSF's inclusion in the Navarra Health Cluster not only opens new opportunities for collaboration, but also reflects our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the healthcare sector. 

By working together with other members of the cluster, we are confident that we will be able to drive research, development and implementation of innovative solutions that benefit patients, healthcare professionals and society.

As a company specializing in plastic injection moulding and liquid silicone injection (LSR) solutions, OSF brings unique expertise and significant resources to the Navarra Health Cluster community. 

Together, we are taking significant steps towards a healthier and more prosperous future for all.

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