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Our Experience at MEDICA - Leading International Healthcare Technology Exhibition

We recently had the privilege of attending MEDICA, the leading international trade fair in the field of medical technology.

Our OSF team was present at the #NavarraHealth stand. An opportunity provided by the Plan Internacional de Navarra, the Government of Navarre and the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (Fenin)

One of the highlights of our experience was the opportunity to participate in B2B meetings. 

Thanks to the PIN (Plan Internacional de Navarra), we were able to interact face-to-face with companies from various countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and India. 

This multicultural interaction not only broadened our perspective of the medical sector, but also allowed us to establish valuable contacts.

Collaboration between companies 

We were not alone in this adventure. Alongside us at the fair were prominent companies such as Navarra Health Cluster, Agenor Mantenimientos, Ysium Medical Innovation, Darwin Biomed, Falcon Electronica, Eversens, Mobiliario de Laboratorio Koumer and Embega

The presence of these companies not only reinforced the spirit of community and collaboration, but also highlighted the diversity and richness of the healthcare technology sector in Navarre and Spain.

With the ICEX team at MEDICA 2023

With the Government of Navarra's team at MEDICA 2023


Four Days of Learning and Exchange

During the four days of the fair, we visited each of the halls, absorbing as much information and knowledge as possible. This experience allowed us:

  • Connect with Local and National Companies: We had the opportunity to get to know more in-depth companies in the medical sector in Navarra and throughout Spain.
  • Potential International Clients: We established contact with potential clients from different countries, thus broadening our market prospects and our possibilities for international expansion.
  • New Suppliers and Technologies: We discovered suppliers that offered us access to new technologies, materials, and services. This is essential to keep us at the forefront in such a dynamic and competitive sector.
  • New Product Exploration: The show was fertile ground for discovering innovative products and exploring new applications that we could develop and manufacture in the future.

Final Reflections

Participating in MEDICA for another year was a very enriching experience for our team. 

We reaffirm our position in the healthcare sector and opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations. 

We are looking forward to applying what we have learned and to see the possibilities that this fair will open us. Would you like to join us?

See you at the next MEDICA!

With the FENIN MEDICA 2023 team