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OSF is helping to improve the efficiency of the plastic injection lipomodelling process for the medical sector

The medical world is constantly evolving. Every day, solutions are sought that are more efficient, safer and improve the quality of life of patients.

In the field of breast reconstruction, lipomodelling has established itself as a revolutionary technique.

Optimization of the drainage bottle design

EuroregionAfter a mastectomy, the breast reconstruction process is essential not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for the emotional recovery of the patient. It is in this context that the primary objective arises: to optimize the design of the drainage bottle used in lipomodelling.

In this project, OSF together with important public and private entities from the Basque Country, Navarre, and France, sought not only to improve the efficiency of the process, but also to make it more cost-effective and safer.

Through Leartiker and thanks to  Eurorregion , companies such as Boursier Sogreg,  Clinique Belharra- Ramsay Santé and  OSF  have been able to collaborate in the optimisation of this medical device.

We have also applied for a patent (WO/2022/180278 A1) in these three companies.

Innovative Design Features

One of the main innovations of the device is its design. Special attention has been paid to revisions of the design phases to ensure that it is feasible to manufacture by plastic injection moulding in clean room.

Also, one of the most distinctive features is that the bottle is transparent and divided into two equal parts. This not only aims to economize the plastic mould manufacturing process, but also allows for better monitoring of drainage.

Manufacturing Process and Technology

The manufacturing of this device has been done in plastic injection moulding. At OSF, as specialists in plastic injection and liquid silicone solutions, special care has been taken to ensure that the resulting part is transparent, free of burrs and that the sealing area is perfect for heat sealing.

In addition, the entire handling and packaging process has been carried out in a Clean Room, under ISO-7 conditions, guaranteeing maximum safety and sterility.

The technology that makes this possible is a 30Tn injection moulding machine, also located in the Clean Room. Regarding the material chosen for the device, it is a biocompatible medical grade thermoplastic, guaranteeing its quality and safety for use in patients.

It is important to point out that this device has been classified as IIA, which speaks of its safety and efficiency in the medical field.

For distribution, it is packaged in a double bag, guaranteeing its protection and sterility until the moment of use.

EN BC LIpomodelling sector medical

The lipomodelling device marks a turning point in the breast reconstruction process. Thanks to inter-regional collaborations and the implementation of advanced technologies, patients who have undergone a mastectomy now have a more efficient and safer tool on their road to recovery and wellness.

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