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New brand, same spirit

Welcome to our new website and blog. The first thing you may have noticed is that we have renewed our image and it is true. At OSF we have thought that being an innovation company also requires us to communicate with our environment in the same frequency.

A rebranding that involves a new style in our communication: closer, open and oriented to be useful to our market both from the point of view of customer, supplier, friends and partners in the sector. From now on you will have different information channels, such as the new website, this blog and the social networks, to be in contact with us, talk, disseminate and offer you our services and knowledge first hand.

It is an exciting time. If you know us, you will know that we have been in the industrial sector for more than 20 years offering solutions in the field of technical plastics and, nevertheless, we have the feeling that we are starting from scratch. And there is something right in this feeling because if we have learned anything over the years is that the world of innovation involves having a great capacity to have an open attitude to everything that can make us grow and learn as if it were the first day.

We hope, all the OSF team, that you like this change of image and communication style, although we hope that it is more than that and that it also serves to be more useful to you and that you feel closer to us.