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Metrology and Measurement 1. Three-dimensional machine

Our metrology laboratory is equipped with the usual dimensional measuring equipment: calipers, alexometers, gauges, micrometers, etc.,. With them, we check diameters, heights, gaps and other linear parameters.

In addition, for the measurement of technical parts with critical dimensional requirements, we have a three-dimensional machine.

The "tridi", as we call it, is a versatile measuring machine. It can carry out the same checks as the other equipment mentioned above, and it also allows us to:

  • To make comparisons of the real part against the 3D model from which it is derived.
  • Verification of the complete part.
  • Control of dimensions that cannot be measured with other equipment.
  • Capacity studies.
  • Monitoring of repeatability in production.
  • All this with high precision, providing guarantees internally and to our customers.

We will follow you more things from our OSFLab.