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Luminescent part tracers

Today we tell you about a good option if you ever need to identify your pieces.

In this case, we use an additive to our materials, only visible by ultraviolet light. In the photos, you can see the difference in the colour of the piece, the luminescent blue appearing when we apply the ultraviolet light.

We can obtain different intensities depending on the percentage of additive, and even other colours.

In this way, we can differentiate batches, pieces that are ours, etc.

This traceability can even avoid, for example, costly claims not attributable to us.

It is very useful, to put another case, if we sense that there may be copies of our model or other manufacturers who also put the same component on our market, differentiating quickly and discreetly which ones are ours.

Another application could be to mark batches that we produce with different colours and intensities.

Given its luminescence, it can also be put to other uses, due to its easy visibility, even in low light conditions, with exposure to UV lamps.

Can you think of any other use?