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Plastic Injection molding parts manufacturing in Clean Room

Clean Room - Plastic Injection Molding

The manufacturing of plastic parts by injection is the process of melting plastic granules (thermoplastic polymers) which, when sufficiently melted, are injected under pressure into a mold cavity, which they fill and solidify to create the final product.

This plastic injection molding manufacturing process can be performed under standard conditions or in a controlled environment, free of contaminating particles (clean room).

For the manufacture of plastic parts in a clean room, it is important to know its application. This ensures that the manufacturing conditions meet the requirements established by the customer and the functionality of the part itself.

The injection molding production process must be sized to meet these requirements, taking into account the following:

  • Clean room certification: there are different degrees of certification depending on the type of parts to be manufactured and/or handled. At OSF we have an ISO-7 certified clean room.
  • Injection molding machine: specially designed to minimize emissions. For this purpose, application-specific lubricants are used in the column clamping units. The drive systems are encapsulated and the molding and machine surfaces are smooth, allowing for easy cleaning and ensuring hygiene and absence of particles during manufacturing. In the OSF clean room, various machine sizes are available for the production of different part sizes as well as technical materials.
  • Use of suitable materials: A suitable material must be selected for the application. We have expert advice from suppliers on the appropriate materials for the functionality of the part.
  • Auxiliary elements, peripheral equipment, tables and other utensils are mainly made of stainless steel to facilitate cleaning. The human team involved in the production process is essential for the manufacture of the parts. Technicians at OSF have extensive experience in plastic injection molding and the necessary education and training to comply with the specific procedures and good practices to carry out the activities in the clean room.